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Appendix 1

Cannon Report

Appendix 2

A Comprehensive Plan for State Funded Inpatient Mental Health Services

Appendix 3

General Appropriations Act

Appendix 4

The ASH Brain Health System Redesign Steering Committee Charter 

Appendix 5

Austin State Hospital Brain Health Redesign Subcommittee, Work Group & Engagement Group Members

Appendix 6

Austin State Hospital Brain Health Campus Master Plan 

Appendix 7

ASH Redesign Preplanning Project

Appendix 8

Analysis of Length of Stay for Austin State Hospital 

Appendix 9

ASH Brain Health System Redesign - Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (CAPS) STUDY

Appendix 10

Qualitative Field Work and Stakeholder Findings

Appendix 11

Health and Human Services Commission - State Hospital System - 2018 Management Plan

Appendix 12

ASH Planning Data Report

Appendix 13

ASH Brain Health System Redesign - Emergency Department visits resulting in Inpatient Psychiatric Bed admission 

Appendix 14

Competency Restoration References 

Appendix 15

MMHPI Appendix - The Texas 1915(i) Program: Overview, Current Use, and Barriers 

Appendix 16

Brain Health Continuum & Blueprint

Appendix 17

ASH Brain Health System Redesign Communications Strategy Plan 

Appendix 18

The Challenge of Identifying, Diverting, and Treating Justice-Involved People with Mental Illnesses

Appendix 19

Psychiatric Bed Supply Need Per Capita 

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